On a warm summer day in 2018, two university friends, Dulanjan and Supul were chatting on a car ride home from university, when the topic of families came up. Soon, they realized that both of them have something remarkable in common; ancestral roots to ancient Ceylonese Ayurveda from the Helaudakanda and Paluwatte Ayurveda ancestries of the 18th century.

They had heard stories from their parents and grandparents about their family heritages, comprising a long chain of ancestral Ayurvedic doctors who were renowned for their astounding Ayurvedic treatments. Although they had exposure to the wonders of Ayurveda from a young age, they understood that the modern generation is unaware of the immense potential of authentic Ceylonese Ayurveda.

AYUVA was created to showcase the real potential of authentic Ceylonese Ayurveda that is unique to the Helaudakanda and Paluwatte ancestries. AYUVA works with professionals of different disciplines to enhance the properties of authentic Ayurvedic products to suit the needs of the modern generation, while preserving the ancient Ceylonese goodness. All the products are natural and free of side effects.

We at AYUVA seek to make people around the world healthier through authentic Ceylonese Ayurveda.

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